Frequently Asked Questions

Advertiza is a digital advertising app running on Android and Apple Store. The app seeks to benefit everyone in an advertising value chain (i.e. Consumer, Advertiser, and Publisher) through a loyalty reward programme which pays cash to everyone using the app. The app is implemented on a blockchain technology giving advertisers/businesses exposure to the global market and also allows easy financial transaction flow between Advertiza Holdings and payment recipients.
1. Do I need to register to use Advertiza?

• All users (i.e. Business and Consumer) need to first register to use the app.
2. Is there a registration fee for users (i.e. Business and Consumers)?

• Registration to Advertiza is for free for both business and consumer users. Payment on Advertiza will only be made by businesses when purchasing a price plan to post an advert
3. Does registering as business user make my business searchable on view adverts section?

• Only business user who posts an advert is searchable on the view advert section.
1. How much does it cost to publish an advert on Advertiza?

• Different price plans exist for business users to select from. Price plan starts from $1.00 per day for business users outside South Africa and R20.00 per day for South African business users.
2. What are the methods of payments when purchasing a price plan?

• There are two methods of payment; credit/debit card payment through a payment gateway and TIZACOIN payment through blockchain. 3. How long will it take for my advert to be published on Advertiza?

• This depends on the price plan that is purchased. The advert could be published between a day to a 1 year.
1. Does advert search criteria allow for a search by location, item name, or business category?

• Advertiza will first show adverts which are closer to the device location. However, a user can search adverts from specific business category, location, or item name.
2. Can I see the distance and exact location of where the item being advertised is sold?

• The advert will show how far you are from the location of the item advertised in kilometre. Also, it is possible to navigate to the business location bringing the consumer to the business door step.
3. Can I purchase the item advertised on the app?

At this point no.

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