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A bit about Advertiza

Advertiza Holding (Pty) Ltd is a registered South African company which owns digital adverts publishing app with the same name “Advertiza”. The company was established in 2018 after a gap was identified in the ads publishing space.

Advertiza is a digital advertising app that benefit all participants in the advertising value chain (i.e. Consumer, Advertiser, and Publisher). This is achieved through a cash reward which is paying cash to everyone using the app.

The app place a very special interest on startup businesses. Businesses in this category have been previously deprived advertising privileges due to expensive investments needed to advertise on traditional media platforms such as radio, newspaper, TV, outdoor, etc.

The app is designed to offer the following benefits:
1. Provide TIZACOINS (in crypto or ZAR currency value) to everyone using the app.
2. Provide global presence and exposure for businesses
3. Customer retention
4. Business marketing
5. Advert publishing and sending notifications to consumers who reside around the same location where the advert is published.
6. Provide affordable platform for advertising to be used by small, medium and lager business enterprises.
7. Create a financial ecosystem which rotates within those who use the app.


• Our short term goal is to provide cash rewards to every user using the app when shopping and businesses for advertising.
• Our long term goal is to become a preferred advertising platform for advertisers.


The mission is to create a financial ecosystem allowing money used within the app to exchange hands of those using our app.


• Cost Saving – we have created an affordable platform for advertising to offers cash rewards (in TIZACOINS OR ZAR currency) to users for recruiting businesses and for shopping from businesses which are registered on Advertiza.
• Improves Shopping Experience – we provide consumers with multiple selections to choose from before making a decision about where to shop.
• Maximize Business Profit – we assist small, medium and larger business entity increase revenue through our cash reward programme which encourage consumers to buy from businesses registered on Advertiza. This help bring consumers at business door step and help the business retain loyal consumers.


• Fairness – Advertiza is creating an environment where everyone in the advertising value chain benefit from using the app.
• Humanity – giving is a fundamental principle upon which Advertiza was founded upon.
• Learning – the global nature of the app encourages intercontinental sharing of information which promotes the spirit of learning from different culture’s ways of doing business.
• Financial Growth – Advertiza offers unlimited financial rewards to everyone working hard in recruiting business and shopping from Advertiza registered businesses.
• Trust – the app aspire to build a trusting relationship by providing a transparent means through which transactions within the app are carried out.

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